Sugar bush vs sugar shack: A maple syrup lexicon

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What do you really know about maple syrup production? Here’s a primer on the most commonly-used terms in the industry.

Sugar bush
A forest of sugar maple trees suitable for tapping to produce maple syrup.

Sugar shack
Cabane à sucre
A building in the sugar bush that contains reservoirs, pumps, reverse osmosis machinery and an evaporator. Sap flows to the sugar shack and then is boiled to make syrup. Vents in the roof allow steam to escape.

Sugaring-off season
Le temps des sucres
The period in spring when snow begins to melt, and the optimum time to make maple syrup. With frost overnight and sunny days, sap rises from maple tree roots to nourish the branches.

Spile or spout
The tap you insert in a hole in a maple tree, through which sap flows.

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Tap the maples
Producers drill one or more holes at breast…

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