Media training – generate free publicity

Shawne Duperon Interview

I attended a workshop, Romancing the Media With Shawne Duperon, on April 9th, 2009 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The workshop was organized by the Detroit chapter of the American Marketing Association and the Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Workshop presenter and five-time EMMY® Award winning producer, Shawne Duperon, shared powerful concepts related to using free publicity as a marketing strategy.  She coached us on methods to generate free publicity as an important component of an effective marketing program.

My takeaways were:

  1. How to develop an ongoing process to generate free publicity
  2. How to track opportunities and find what the media want
  3. How to prepare my story (pitch)
  4. How to pitch my story to the media
  5. A pitch is not about me or my product but rather about answering the needs of my audience.See my Ontario

For an example media followthrough after an event, see my blog post Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Count .

The CBC Radio Pitch Guides may be of help to your media campaign.